Welcome to the Catholic

School Standards Project. 

This website serves as a platform for providing, exchanging, and creating knowledge and information related to the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools and to other projects and initiatives that grow out of implementing these standards and benchmarks.  Currently, two such additional initiatives are underway and will use this web platform to share their work: 1) A national committee is developing adult and student surveys based on the Defining Characteristics of Catholic schools and the Standards and Benchmarks, and also writing rubrics for each of the seventy benchmarks. 2) Another national task force is beginning work to create a resource guide for teachers and instructional leaders to infuse Catholic identity elements into school level curriculum and instruction based on the Common Core State Standards.

Publication of the National Standards and Benchmarks (March, 2012) marks only the beginning of ongoing collaboration and action among those committed to the future of Catholic education.  As this site expands and develops, we envision the addition of many more collaborators providing resources and tools for practitioners and stakeholders to use as they implement these standards and benchmarks to increase student learning and faith formation, and to sustain school vitality.   

We hope you will register and become a member of the Catholic School Standards Project, so that you can add your voice and share your experience and wisdom with fellow Catholic educators.

EduTalk Radio Interview: National Standards in Catholic Education

March 13, 2012

Listed to the interview with Dr. Loraine Ozar of Chicago's Loyola University on the new Catholic School Standards.