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Benchmark Rubrics Overview

In early 2012, the Center for Catholic School Effectiveness, School of Education, Loyola University Chicago, with support from AdvancED, brought together a national committee of Catholic educators to develop rubrics for each of the seventy Benchmarks, which schools can use to self-assess their current level of implementation in the four domains of Mission and Catholic Identity, Governance and Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Operational Vitality.  The Rubrics Development Committee consisted of: Lorraine A. Ozar, Ph.D. (Chair), Loyola University Chicago; Susan Ferguson, Ed.D. University of Dayton; Adam Krueckeberg, MBA/MA Pastoral Ministry, Boston College; Kathleen Schwartz, Ed.D., Diocese of Venice FL; Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill, Ph.D., Boston College.

The rubrics provide concrete descriptors of policies, programs, procedures, etc. that are present in schools which have operationalized the particular benchmark on one of four levels:

4= Exceeds the Benchmark
3=Fully Meets the Benchmark
2=Partially Meets the Benchmark
1=Does Not Meet the Benchmark

In addition, the rubrics suggest Possible Sources of Evidence that schools could and should use to provide observable, measurable “proof” of their self-identified rubric level score.

By using these rubrics for self-assessment, schools are guided through an in-depth internal evaluation of the four domains of operations and programs contained in the Standards and Benchmarks. Through the process of gathering and analyzing evidence of school performance on the standards and benchmarks, schools are provided an opportunity to develop and demonstrate the accountability required by quality Catholic educational systems.

All seventy rubrics corresponding to the seventy Benchmarks are available on this site to all Catholic schools and dioceses at no cost.  Permission to use the surveys is granted under the same terms as permission to use the Standards and Benchmarks.

Beginning in Fall 2012, these rubrics will be embedded into the AdvancED evaluative framework for accrediting Catholic schools and dioceses.