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How to Use Benchmark Rubric Worksheets

How to Use:
Although the text boxes do not allow scrolling beyond the space provided, participants may use a second page of the same worksheet for additional comments.  When saving the documents, use the heading section at the top right on the worksheet to indicate that this is the second page of whichever draft it is.  For example, if the team is working on Benchmark 7.6 and needs two pages to enter all the comments and evidence, they would download and open the blank template Rubric Worksheet 7.6, fill in as many comments as fit, and save the first page with their school name, etc. as Version: Draft 1,  p.1 of 2;  they would then download and open the blank Rubric Worksheet 7.6  again, fill in the rest of their comments and save this second page with their school name, etc as Version: Draft 1, p. 2 of 2.

The worksheet templates may also be printed directly in hard copies.